Items & Pricing

Glove Box Grenade

Glove Box Grenade


50 feet of paracord, partially woven with a shepherds sling, wrapped around a waterproof canister containing fish hooks, sinkers, bobber, matches, cotton ball, needle, needle threader, aluminum foil
Breakdown Bag

Breakdown Bag


A zippered pouch containing several items that may help you stay comfortable and safe until help can arrive. Between the Vehicle Safety Ring and the "Quit - It - Stick" included in the bag you will receive around 15 feet of cord.
Vehicle Safety Rings

Vehicle Safety Ring


A small bracelet designed to hang from your gear shift, turn signal or wiper switch. Containing a window hammer, seat belt cutter and a fire starter this could mean the difference between life and death if you should go off the road and into water. Contains 6-8 feet of cord!
Mug Handle

Tumbler/Mug Handle


Designed to give you an easier way to carry your favorite tumbler or bottle it will also provide you with up to 32 feet of paracord for use in SNAFU situations.
Key Chain

Awareness Ribbon Key Chain


Show your support for those suffering from any number of illnesses, ailments, or social conditions. Everything from Autism to Breast Cancer to U. S. Troop Support to POW-MIA. Choose your color(s) and we will do the rest.

Key Fobs


Many different colors and styles to choose from plus different ring and clip styles make the possibilities almost endless. Most contain around 6-8 feet of cord.

"Quit - It - Stick"


An original idea designed by a woman for women everywhere. Containing a clip on one end, a ring on the other and around 8-10 feet of cord, this convenient and beautiful items will give you an upper hand if someone feels the need to violate your space. Or you just need to correct an everyday SNAFU.

Survival Cord Bracelets


No matter what colors or styles you choose these "One of a Kind, Peace of Mind" items will keep you ready for a whole host of SNAFU situations that many people face everyday! Containing between 8-10 feet of total cord, these stylish items may become your favorite piece of jewelry if ever needed for it's purpose.